Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy was created out of respect for our consumers, employees and partners by offering transparency into the manner in which we collect and use personal data.
What data is collected?
The use of products and services results in the collect of certain data that can either directly or indirectly identify the user.
Collected data that can directly identify a user include: the email address provided during the creation of an account.
We also collect, retain and use anonymously collected data through our applications, 
such as the number of the lights within a household, the number of rooms where these lights are installed,
the number of lights per group, the names given to groups created within the app, etc.
Protecting all user data is our top priority and at the heart of this Privacy Policy, as we are committed to providing an optimal level of security.
When and how data is collected?
The products and services collect data when they are in use. Data is collected and retained when:
you create an account in our apps,
you use our apps or products,
You will find below an explanation of each scenario listed above in order to provide you with a clear understanding of the means by which we collect data.
When you create an account for our applications 
Creating an account makes it possible for you to use our services and applications,
interact with them and access all features offered by the APP. To that end,
certain data must be provided to us in order to identify the user (email address and password).